JSO GUARNICIONERIA - Jorge Sánchez Oliver - tel. 628 59 06 60 - Camí de la torre, 21. Barri de la Creu, AVIÀ 08610 (Barcelona) - jso-@hotmail.com RESTORATION, REPAIR AND REPRODUCTION The works are made with quality materials, threads of flax, rye  straw, wool, hemp and jute burlap, velvet, silk, cotton lace,  embroidery, buckles and fittings in polished iron, engraving  reproductions.  All work is handmade and made in keeping with the original parts. The parts recover their habitual use. download MEASUREMENTS TEMPLATES FRENCH COLLAR II CATALAN HORSE HALTER SULKY SPANISH COLLAR FRENCH COLLAR I BELLOWS FOR FORGE SADDLE PONY CATALAN SADDLE WOMAN XIXth century CATALAN SADDLE MAN FRENCH SADDLE WOMAN XIXth century